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  • Facilitation of the community in understanding and awareness of FGM

  • Providing Interactive workshops on FGM and sexual health


  • In partnership with BeSure, providing Chlamydia and ganorrhea testing for under 25s


  • Supporting women to integrate and understanding legislation, laws and safeguarding policies in the United kingdom


  • Working in Partnership with local communities on social programmes


  • Raising awareness of the effects of FGM in local school and to the general public


  • Supporting pregnant women and teenagers affected by FGM


  •  Promoting empowerment and  self-worth


  • Being the brigde of information  and services for FGM victims


  • Providing informative seminars on FGM, the after effects of the procedure and  how we can put an end to it


Celestinecelest Community is a non for profit organisation founded in 2013. The aim of Celestinecelest is to raise awareness of female genital mutilation. Locally, nationally and internationally we are a vocal prosecutor for FGM. We believe that Female Genital Mutilation is an act of misogyny, violence against women, children and a violation of human rights.


From both a medical and traditional view, female circumcision is entirely unecessary. This is why Celestinecelest has devoted its time, energy and resources towards advocating for people who have been misused, abused and politically under-represented. We work with women, children and families who have been affected by female genital mutilation and those who are at the risk of genital circumcision. We Through our desire and effort, we aim to globally eradicate the causes and effects of FGM. It’s a battle that we cannot win by ourselves, but a fight that we can conquer with your help.

FGM is global issue. Its antagonist and the desire to change the unjustified act are being amplified. However, not all cries and screams have been heard. We at Celestinecelest Community have an open door policy. We are willing to work with any person, organisation and community. In three years time we aspire to:


  • Support ethnic minorities with understanding HIV/AIDS, testing, mode of transmission and treatment.

  • Have a global network that specialises in supporting past and future FGM victims.

  • Raise computer literacy in the community by providing workshops.

  • Provide psychotherapy treatment to FGM victims.

  • Assisting families, women, and children affected by asylum seeking, refugee status and offering on-going support.

  • Supporting ethnic minorities with understanding the needs for blood and organ donation.

Goals and Aspirations

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